Kent Potts

What elements were you focusing on when seeking an organization to help in your printing needs?
We were specifically looking for a few different things: pricing within our planned budget, a quick turnaround (roughly 1 week after the content is finalized) and the ability to re-use previous templates and reduce graphics labor time. Also, a world-class product, of course.

What was it that made you ultimately choose IIL Printing? 
IIL Printing met our budget. The team also had bandwidth to work with various contributors in order to funnel roughly three revisions into a final product.

Can you tell me what values or benefits you saw from IIL that other organizations failed to display?
This is the first time PMI Great Lakes Chapter has used IIL Printing. We have used other local resources with marginal results; however, the quality of the IIL Printing product is recognized as a step-level improvement beyond the product of local resources by all who have viewed it so far.

In what capacity will you be using IIL Printing? 
PMI Great Lakes Chapter has decided to RFQ IIL Printing for future event brochures and workbook publication work.

What 3 words would you use to describe your experience with us?