What elements were you focusing on when seeking an organization to help in your printing needs?
Honesty, consistency, value and guidance = Trustworthy

What was it that made you ultimately choose IIL Printing?
From my previous dealings with your organization, I was aware of your honesty and consistency. Upon learning of the value you offered ( a straight price, not taking my royalties, edits, etc) and the instant guidance alerting me to my many options, everyone else was then ruled out

Can you tell me what values or benefits you saw from IIL that other organizations failed to display?
1. Honesty and openness from the beginning – to elaborate, other companies tried to sell me packages consisting of things whether I needed them or not. When I would tell them all the items I did not want, they would then inform me of less costly packages or individual items when I had asked for that up front

2. Quick turnaround, patience, “over the top” kindness

3. IIL did not come across pushy nor desperate for my business; they only illustrated patience and concern for what I wanted and then what they offered.

4. The cost was more conducive to my budget without forfeiting quality

5. IIL and only one other publishing organization had an A+ BBB rating, but my prior business relations with IIL won out.

In what capacity will you be using IIL Printing?
1. For all reprints of my recently published book, ‘As I Heal’

2. Formatting, printing, ISBNs, for my upcoming books

3. Posters and designs

4. Video Tapings

5. Any major government printings I need from my “day” job.

What 3 words would you use to describe your experience with us